Busy Moms Guide To Balance Life & Business

Busy Moms Guide To Balance Life & Business

From the moment I knew I was going to be a mother, I was determined to be a great one! I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to be more available for my kids but soon realized it was not that simple. So how do I balance being an entrepreneur without sacrificing my duties as a mother?

Over the years I have learned, and mastered a lot of strategies and tips that have helped me finally balance business and life without sacrificing time with my kids.Here are 10 of these strategies and tips I have religiously followed over the years that have made my entrepreneurial journey a success.

A Dedicated Personal & Business Planner

As adults we tend to walk around with our calendars in our heads. I promise you as a busy mom building a successful business while balancing life as a mom you will find a dedicated planner very useful to planning your time wisely. Every minute of the day is valuable. Use a dedicated planner to plan each hour like it’s your last. Do yourself a favor and stick to the plan. In our Boss Life Mentorship Program we use a dedicated planner to plan our day and even the entire year to remain focused on our business tasks and crush our business goals. This prevents us from creating unnecessary tasks thus saving us time. Invest in a personal planner and a business planner.

A Scheduler

To get the most out of your time and remain consistent I recommend scheduling social media content, email newsletters and text messages to keep your business moving even when You are busy being a mom. Facebook now provides a scheduling tool in the Meta Business Suite that allows you to plan and schedule your posts and even your stories. Learn more about it here. 

Drop Ship Instead of Stock & Ship

The best decision I've made as a mom-preneur was transitioning from a boutique storefront to a drop ship business model. As a busy mom you have to choose the business that will allow you to be flexible. My drop shipping business allows me the time I need with my kids instead of stocking and shipping inventory. You can start a business without buying bulk and shipping your own orders with my new drop shipping app called Dropship-This by Breakthrough To Entrepreneur LLC located in the Shopify App Store

Create Campaigns

 A campaign goal keeps you focus on a dedicated revenue generating goal, keeps you consistent and allows your business to grow by providing data so you know what works and focus your time and energy in the right areas of your business.

Package Your Knowledge

As a Business Coach I am able to serve more women globally to help them launch and grow a successful business with my digital courses and E-books. One on One Coaching requires a lot more time away from your family, can lead to burnout and generate less income. After all you only have the same 24 hours as everyone else. You can offer less one on one sessions if you create more digital products. Grab a copy of my e-book titles 'Door To Digital Success' to learn the 4 steps to package your knowledge successfully into a digital product using Kajabi. Ready to take the step? Register for the Package Your Knowledge Course and launch your first profitable digital product in less than 90 days.



Build A Website

If you are still asking customers to DM message or WhatsApp you to place their orders, do yourself a huge favor and invest in a website. Not only does it allows your brand credibility and allows you to capture leads but it also allows your customers to serve themselves to your products without having to reach out to you. A website also gives your brand a global visibility and allows you to make money even while you sleep. I get it! Building a website can be a tedious task especially if you are not so tech savvy. That is why I recommend easy to use platforms like Shopify for physical product brands and Kajabi for courses and digital products. You may try these platforms for free. If you need help with building a website our Brand Out The Box Program provides assistant along with a course to make this process easier. You may also hire our team of experts to do the heavy lifting for you. Get a quote now. 


Invest In Marketing

When you invest in marketing you drive traffic to your business on automation. Organic marketing can be very time consuming and yield low results. Busy moms have no time to go fishing for customers and clients. Paid Marketing  increases your chances of success by locating the right customers for your products and services and saves you time. I invest in Facebook and Instagram ads to promote my brand, products and services to the right audience. If you are not sure of how to create ads that convert to sales I recommend hiring a marketing team or investing in a course or training to learn the right steps. Our Boss Life Mentorship Program focuses heavily on marketing on social media for success. You may schedule a strategy call with us to learn more about our marketing packages.

Hire A Team

As your business grows it will be impossible to handle all the tasks yourself unless you can clone yourself. You will need a team to help you with administrative tasks so that you can focus on more important tasks to grow the business and balance life and business. My team has helped me to serve more people, generate more revenues and claim my time back for my kids. Learn more about our cost effective VA Program and hire a virtual assistant for tasks such as social media management, email marketing, blogging and more. 

Involve The Kids In Your Business

Yes! You should include the kids in your business. Do not for a second feel bad for putting them to work, nine out of ten times the kids find it fun to be managing a business. As a mother of two young entrepreneurs, I promise you the rewards of involving your kids in your business is far more beyond the fun you can see on the surface. When we introduce our kids to entrepreneurship we help them build leadership skills that will prepare them for a better future by making them more valuable in the field they wish to pursue or even as entrepreneurs. They may not aspire to be entrepreneurs now but they may in the future. My daughter, has been an entrepreneur since she was 8 years old. Her involvement in her business has helped her develop self confidence and leadership skills she applies in school and her daily life. My son who is only 6 years old has owned his business since he was 2 years old and now at 7 he helps out with decisions regarding his business. Trust me they make a great team and they also benefit from their involvement.


Set Boundaries

Set your own schedule and set boundaries. Every Friday at 3 pm I close my business to settle down, relax and spend time with kids. Your business should not hold you hostage. It should be fun, flexible and allow you the freedom to flourish in your relationships and life. Set boundaries for your clients and even yourself to prevent burnout. Use a calendar to schedule time to work with your clients and stick to your calendar. I use Calendly to schedule appointments with my clients and I close my calendar on days I wish not to accept appointments. It's your business. You are in control. 

If you need guidance and accountability on your journey as an entrepreneur, I want to invite you to join our Boss Life Mentorship Program so that you can stay focus and crush your business goals, grow your brand to the next level with the right tools, guidance and accountability and cash in on your investments. Learn more and register here


I hope you found this blog valuable and will apply some or all of these tips in your entrepreneurial journey. Want more content like this? Subscribe to be notified of new releases.

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