A Mother Who Built Her Kids Businesses & Helps Other Women

A Mother Who Built Her Kids Businesses & Helps Other Women

"BE MORE, DO MORE, EARN MORE! If this is what your about then you are in good company.

I am Shaneika Burchell-Kerr, CEO and Founder of  Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC. With over ten years of experience in the entrepreneurship field and coaching over a hundred successful entrepreneurs, I have mastered the art of creating multiple streams of income through digital platforms. From selling physical products, digital courses online, one-on-one coaching, and instructing popular continuing education programs in New York & Connecticut, I prepare entrepreneurs, especially moms, to launch and build their own business.

I want to share my journey to inspire women and mother's who desire to become successful entrepreneurs.

The foundation of my business started when I had my first child; I was faced with the choices that most working mothers have to make every day. I had to drop my daughter off at daycare while I headed to work daily. My biggest fear was that I would be missing out on some of her milestones. Can you relate? My desire to be present for her school performances, trips, and parent-teacher meetings triggered the change in my mindset to become an entrepreneur and earn income on my terms. 

 Through my journey to entrepreneurship, I experienced many challenges because I did not have someone to mentor me through the process. I progressed from selling fashion jewelry in my house to owning a storefront in the Bronx, New York. However, it wasn't until the birth of my second child that I was forced to re-evaluate how time-consuming my physical business had become and propelled me to look into social media and e-commerce. This move finally enabled me to automate my entire business and experience true freedom. I dedicated years to learning about the business, made mistakes, and lost money along the way, but I had finally pieced together a system that works. After being fired in January of 2021 from a job that paid me less than $2000 per month, I was able to replace my income with my e-commerce business, generating over 12K monthly. Not only did I find success for myself but also dedicated my time to empower my children who inspired me on my journey of motherhood to become entrepreneurs. 

My son Nathaniel Kerr, 6 year-old, is the CEO and founder of Nathan Avenue, an online boutique dedicated to helping moms and dad’s raise smart and fashionable boys. My daughter Imani Ariana Grant, 12 year-old, now a published author of 3 children’s science books and operates a very successful e-commerce brand. Learn more about her at Imani Ariana. The greatest joy of being my own boss was having the freedom to help my two children become successful entrepreneurs. My goal is to ensure they live a purposeful life. In fact this is any Mother's dream. I believe God freed me to walk in my purpose.  This is why I am dedicated to helping other women create a life of freedom through my coaching programs, products, and services.

Having successfully trained other mothers like myself to dominate in different social media and e-commerce, I am confident that I can equip you with the same skills and knowledge to launch a successful e-commerce business.  Whether you are new to the internet world, looking to transition your product, or package your knowledge online, my training program will meet you where you are. Through Breakthrough to Entrepreneur (BTE) Academy, I have developed a system that I have tested successfully in multiple niches to help you succeed. 

My most recent accomplishment is the upcoming launch of my own drop shipping program to help women build their own empire without the hassle of purchasing, stocking, and shipping inventory. I am thrilled to expand my services to offer US drop ship services to boutique owners and aspired entrepreneurs worldwide. If your desire is to start your own business selling physical products online, you can learn more about this service here. Be the first to know when this amazing service is available. 

 Quit trying to figure things out on your own, wasting time and money, and getting headaches from all the information overload out there. All you need is a proven system and great support. Check out my courses, programs, and e-books here. Don't take my word for it. Read what others have to say. 

I hope my story inspired you somehow. My advise to you is to get started. If not for you then do it for your children. If you've already started and you are struggling to grow your business to it's earning potential, I am here to help. Schedule an appointment to connect with me so that we can discuss your business goals. Visit Calendly.com/ShaneikaBurchellKerr to secure your 15 minutes free consultation now. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your journey to success. 





If you are looking to sell physical products online, package your knowledge in a digital course online, or have as much as a business idea, I would like to connect with you. Please schedule an appointment with me here so we can discuss your business goals to see if we are a good fit for you.